Men's Classic Shave Soap

Men's Classic Shave Soap

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All-natural, aromatic & refreshing Patchouli Lime concentrated shave soap with creamy thick velvety lather for an ultra-smooth, silky shave. 

Hydrating, rich lather for all skin types especially ideal for sensitive skin

Formulated with shea butter & glycerin for extra post-shave moisturizing!

Lather with a shaving brush and bowl for best results

How to bowl lather:  Using a wet shaving brush, load up shave soap. (A little goes a long way).  Add several drops of warm water to a steep-sided bowl (scuttle), or a shaving mug and swirl your brush on the bottom in circular motions until the required amount of lather and creaminess is achieved. Apply directly to a warm, wet face coating the skin evenly.  Shave.

Non-toxic, zero-waste, and plastic-free shaving! Travel tin included! Shave brush not included.