Hair Care

Make every day a good hair day with salon-quality shampoo bars!

Shampoo that's good for your hair & the environment. A waste-free and earth-friendly alternative to plastic bottles.

Our gentle ph balanced surfactant-based shampoo bars clean without stripping hair of protective oils.  They are sulfate and paraben-free and contain no harsh detergents. These shampoo bars are highly concentrated and are great for traveling! They include homegrown botanicals and herbal infusions plus therapeutic essential oils that leave your hair clean, silky smooth and radiant! 

Lather in your hands or glide over wet hair until desired lather is achieved. Massage and rinse thoroughly. Condition, dry and style as usual. 

These long-lasting bars perform best if allowed to dry between use. They are best stored in a draining soap dish away from humid environments.

If cared for properly these bars lasts approximately +80 washes equivalent to 2-3  plastic bottles of liquid product.

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Lavender & Litsea Hydrating Shampoo Bar (Daily moisture balancing formula)
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Citrus & Honey Conditioning Shampoo Bar (Moisturizing & Detangling)(Normal & Curly hair)
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Solid Conditioner Bar
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Wooden soap deck
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